Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big House Collective Grand opening...!

The Big House has been busy organising, moving, pricing and tagging..! After all the hardwork of filling the Big House with Retro/Vintage/Industrial/Handmade/Art etc.. We have finally organised the Grand Opening...!

Big House Collective
614 Sturt St Ballarat, Vic..
Friday 6th May 2011
6pm to 8pm..

Pop along for a drink and some nibblies to help celebrate our Opening..! Bring your friends and enjoy a tour of 'The Big House', meet some of the 'Collective' and check out the furniture, collectables, antiques, kitchenallia, Paintings, Prints, Jewellery etc.... There really is something for everyone..

If you would like to RSVP, leave us a comment or pop on over to our FB page..

Can't make it to the Opening? We are open 7days a week 10am to 6pm..

Monday, April 18, 2011

I oh so LOVE our blog BANNER!

Thanks so much to CURLYPOPS for our fabulous blog makeover!  We've been so busy with moving and unpacking and setting up, then shuffling, then re-arranging, that our little blog had become quite neglected.

We hope to keep you up-to-date with new arrivals, news, nonsense and our  ever evolving beautiful new home.
Sel from the ESSESS  came in today to unwind and do some pricing, we're a little weary from such a busy weekend of moving more retro and vintage furniture, cleaning it all up then finding places for it all to fit.  The collectible pieces are ggggorgeous, and when I remember to A. charge my camera batteries, and B. put the memory card back into the camera,  then I can finally show you what I'm on about!

Sel's mum has created a great little succulent garden out the back, beside the pond, and next visit, plans to add a herb garden-LOVE herb gardens.

Froggies are sitting lazily by the pond, waiting for  us to give it a good clean out, and add a few water plants.

We're starting to settle in a little more, we have comfy chairs, and these great tables just arrived yesterday, compliments of our new friend Michelle, we're looking forward to catching up with her again to talk retro......and our pidgeon hole front desk is filling up quickly with all sorts of oddities, whimsy and fantastical items, so much to see, lots of  'ooohs' and 'aaaahs' and a bit of 'my grandma had one of those' and 'why did I throw out my 70's patchwork purple leather platform shoes???'

All in all, a great first week......hope your week is enjoyable, let us know about interesting finds or info about our favourite topics - RETRO & VINTAGE


Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Stock from Curly Pops.........

Big House Collective is passionate about supporting Handmade......

We have a fabulous cabinet full of goodies from Curly Pops...

Gadget Pouches, Spec's pouches, Brooches to name a few..!

Pop in to the shop 10am to 6pm 7 days a week...

Also Upstairs opens tomorrow! Loads of Retro and Vintage Fashion, shoes and hats from Dear Prudence....

We have a huge changing room and mirror available also!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Groovy 70's Love Seat.........

The Essess will be moving this Groovy 70s Love Seat into the Big House tomorrow! If you love the 1970's then maybe this beauty will look nice in your Loungeroom..? Love the colour and it is on casters whick makes it easy to move around the room!

The Big House Collective has a busy weekend ahead as Dear Prudence makes the finishing touches to the 'upstairs' Vintage and Retro fashion, shoes and headwear..! Upstairs opens monday 18th April..

So much is happening, feel free to come and visit and check out all the vintage/retro/handmade goodies for sale!

Open 7 days 10am to 6pm.......