Thursday, August 11, 2011

fancy forgetting we have a blog!!!!!!

Well it certainly has been an amazing past few months!
We opened Big House Collective, had a party, and have not stopped since, hence no blog updates........
But today is different, today I've been able to sit down, make a cup of tea and update our adventures.
We have our 'regulars' now, they drop in browse, chat, buy and spread the good word that we're here! We see dozens of Melbournians, NZers, Sydneysiders, Adelaidians, and people from all manner of places in fact. We have 80 something year olds, new babies, hipsters, and middle aged men and women 30+ all finding out what this place is about! The locals have been fantastic with their support and appreciation.
The response has been phonomenal to say the least, and we're proud of the people that have pulled together to make this the place it is.
We've also had some not so good stuff happen, but the update is that Jo from Berry'd Treasures has survived a major health scare and is now resting at home, getting healthy and ready to join us again for more exciting adventures at Big House.

Robyn is travelling the countryside, sourcing fabulous gems, such as this rare Dodo, caged for its own safety!

The Essess are always collecting more stuff for Retro lovers, and have just moved on upstairs into the grooviest little room - EVER!

Dear Prudence has been preparing for the Spring, so that Vintage Fashion lovers will have some beautiful choices with hats frocks, jackets and other accessories ready soon.

The Second Sock has been working hard to stack the shelves full of rare, 1st edition and collectible books and vinyl.

Our new Gallery is almost ready to be opened officially with another party, our cafe is still underway and our Arts program is steadily filling up, providing felting classes, charcoal and life drawing, knitting, crochet and sewing, among others.
Newest of all, Portraits done in Oils.  This is offered thanks to the talents of Brodaigh de Carteret an amazing artist who lives and breathes art.  Sittings can be booked through us here!

There are more people joining us and we'll be introducing you to them individually over the next few weeks, but for now, thanks for supporting our place!

Hope your weekend is funfilled and not too freezing bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr